Watch: Beyond the Brain – Exploring the Potential of Neurotech Solutions for Mental & Cognitive Health

By Sabrina Kestenbaum | April 14, 2024

We’re revisiting the exciting conversation from our “Beyond the Brain” industry panel during SXSW, where we explored how emerging capabilities in neurotechnology are transforming – and will continue to transform – our approach to mental health. We covered the potential for more accurate diagnoses, effective treatments and preventative tools as well as the untapped opportunities to translate a vast amount of groundbreaking research into novel real-world solutions. We also touched on some of the critical challenges of bringing neurotechnology to widespread use and the ethical considerations that must be addressed.

Moderator: Sharena Rice, PhD, Research Scientist at Sanmai Technologies PBC

Matias Serebrinsky, Co-founder and General Partner, PsyMed Ventures
Ruthi Aladjem, PhD, Chief Product Strategist, Corundum Neuroscience 
Andreas Forsland, Founder and CEO, Cognixion