Propelling the Future of Neuroscience Research

At CNS, we are passionate about the potential of neuroscience to solve critical challenges spanning health and disease.

Our vision extends beyond the realm of research – we work with scientists to translate their groundbreaking discoveries into solutions that have a lasting impact on society.


Essential funding for visionary scientists

We seek out, identity and fund neuroscience research projects and initiatives that tackle major health needs and pioneer novel interventions, diagnostics and enabling technologies with the potential to become life-changing solutions.


Collaboration for breakthrough discoveries

We believe that collaboration is the catalyst for transformative breakthroughs in neuroscience. We create a vibrant ecosystem that amplifies knowledge exchange, accelerates scientific progress, and allows new solutions to take shape by fostering partnerships and bringing together diverse minds from academia and industry.


Guiding research towards commercialization

We understand that the path from research to product is a complex and critical journey. Our approach involves a methodical and gated process that guides research at every step towards successful commercialization. We offer hands-on support, time, and resources, helping researchers navigate the intricacies of scientific validation, IP, product development, regulatory requirements, and market access.

    Here’s what we’re looking for

    Groundbreaking neuroscience research at various stages of maturity that have the potential to become or contribute to life-changing solutions and drive the field forward.

    Scientists that have a strong drive to see research make a tangible impact on people’s lives.

    Researchers who embrace collaboration and are eager to work with diverse stakeholders to bring their ideas to fruition.

    Innovators who are committed to going the distance and navigating the complexities of research and development towards commercialization.

    The Highlights of our Grant Program









    Working with CNS

    “CNS has been a true partner in our journey from science to solution. They have funded several research projects that I’ve been involved with and came in as investors in our spin-off company, Gray Matters Health, helping to launch our self-neuromodulation device in the US market. We appreciate their willingness to get involved in the early research phase of ambitious projects and their commitment to helping scientists realize the long-term potential of their work.”

    Prof. Talma Hendler | Founding Director of the Sagol Brain Institute of the Tel-Aviv University at the Sourasky Medical Center; Chief Medical Scientist at GrayMatters Health

    “Working with CNS on scientific research to measure and promote well-being has been extremely fulfilling and productive. CNS has a wonderful team of dedicated staff who are deeply committed to their mission. Our meetings with their team as we work partner together has made the work better. We are deeply grateful and appreciative.”

    Prof. Richard J. Davidson | William James and Vilas Research Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry; Founder & Director of the Center for Healthy Minds and Health Minds Innovation

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