Propelling Novel Neuroscience Solutions to Market

We invest in groundbreaking advancements in neuroscience, catalyzing solutions that can enable longer, healthier, and happier lives.


Funding to support your bold vision

We fund breakthrough neuroscience solutions across a range of health and disease areas. With a deep understanding of the industry and scientific landscape, we make long-term investments, providing the resources needed over time to build enduring companies with transformative potential.


Access to our domain expertise and network

Our singular focus on neuroscience has enabled us to cultivate deep domain expertise and an extensive network across academia and industry. Beyond mere funding, we offer startups access to scientific guidance, clinical and regulatory insights, and valuable perspectives for long-term customer and product development.


A patient environment for breakthroughs

We understand that true breakthroughs require patience and a forward-thinking vision. That’s why we provide an environment that allows founders to focus on their company’s long-term potential rather than sprint toward short-term, lower-impact results.

    Here’s what we’re looking for in a partnership

    Ventures that leverage neuroscience-related discoveries to address significant human challenges.

    Companies tackling large-scale problems with disruptive innovation that have the potential to create paradigm shifts in the field.

    Founders with a marathon mindset and a commitment to achieving enduring change, rather than short-term gains.

    Ventures at various stages of development, whether it’s a concept in its beginning stages or a solution with an established track record.

    It’s time to make an impact.

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