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We bring together the brightest minds across science and industry to tackle the toughest challenges and develop groundbreaking solutions that improve lives.

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Building on Breakthroughs

We look for opportunities to leverage neuroscience and technology to make an impact. Our team proactively screens for breakthrough technologies, conducts domain mapping, and forms strategic partnerships with universities and research institutes to source pioneering IP. We then assemble a team of leading researchers, entrepreneurs and technologists to evaluate the potential of the identified technology. Together, the team develops a long-term vision and continues to collaborate, test, and iterate on a new solution towards market launch and the formation of a new venture.


Building With You

At CNS we don't just provide funding to our venture teams. We build alongside them, rolling up our sleeves and getting involved in the pivotal stages of the venture journey, from go-to-market and clinical strategy, technology development and design, to ongoing scientific validation. Because we support our ventures as they grow and scale, we have a unique perspective helping teams to anticipate and mitigate risks at the earliest stages and increasing their chances of success. Our ultimate goal is to build a solid foundation for the long-term sustainability and strategic direction of each of our new ventures.


Building for Impact

Our differentiated model prioritizes long-term impact over immediate gains. We ask ourselves what will make this idea, solution, or technology sustainable for the next generation. We partner with an innovator who shares our passion for harnessing science to improve lives. One that has a fearless ambition to develop radically innovative technology, no matter the risk. And one with the long-range vision needed to see their idea through to a viable solution – knowing the genuine breakthrough may be years in the making, and that the journey is full of unknowns.


Building an Ecosystem of Domain Expertise

Peer-to-peer learning and collaboration are essential for overcoming the "valley of death," an expensive and high-risk phase where many early-stage neuro startups fail. Our singular focus on neuroscience allows us to cultivate a highly specialized ecosystem of industry and academic leaders across clinical, business and product development as well as regulation and go-to-market strategy, among other fields. We provide a platform for our community of researchers, startups, and founders to share wisdom, learn, and build partnerships and drive truly transformative ideas.

    Here are some of the things we look for:

    New technologies and mature neuroscience research, as well as novel forms of interaction that can become or contribute to life-changing solutions.

    Partners who are passionate about scientific research and realizing its potential via real-world applications.

    Collaborators who genuinely care about the impact that their work can make, driven by a long-term vision and a passion to improve lives.

    Disruptive ideas that challenge established norms and have the potential to create profound paradigm shifts in the field.

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